Die Attach and Wire Bonding

Wire Bonding

Automation Experts

By automating every step of the IC assembly process we work to increase reliability and drive costs down.

Production Process Management

For each new product, we extend our stringent, ISO 9001 documented process to cover any new requirements and to ensure we build the products in the most efficient way. High quality and extremely high yield rates are a natural outcome of our manufacturing process.

Ceramic QFN Packages

Off The Shelf

Off-The-Shelf Co-fired Ceramic QFN

Low cost, air cavity packages
  • Chip Small


    3mm 12 Lead
    3mm 16 Lead
  • 3


    4mm 24 Lead
  • Colorado Microcircuits 5mm

    Colorado Microcircuits 5mm

    5mm 32 Lead
  • 6mm 40 lead

    6mm 40 lead

    6mm 40 Lead

Custom Co-Fired Ceramic QFN

Custom Co-Fired QFN

Custom Co-fired Ceramic QFN

From simple metal changes to full custom packages.

Requires up front tooling cost, but minimal or no additional cost to unit pricing.

  • Custom QFN

    Custom QFN

  • Custom QFN

    Custom QFN

  • Custom QFN

    Custom QFN

Plastic QFN Packages


Air Cavity Plastic QFN

Pre-molded packages, with a solid copper base provides excellent heat dissipation.
  • 5530131Top


  • 553-152Top



Laminate QFN Packages


Laminate QFN

Lower upfront costs allow for each IC to have its own custom tuned package.
Utilizes a cavity lid so nothing touches the surface of the IC.
  • IC QFN

Mixed Assembly Packages


Mixed Assembly Process

Combining a soldering process with our die attach and wire-bonding, allows low cost Surface mount passives to be placed inside the air cavity package.


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