Die Attach

Fully automated epoxy dispense and die placement, necessary for high frequency, air cavity package is our standard process. Provisions to protect sensitive air bridges and fragile IC structures are provided with our die attach process.

  • Non-Conductive, Conductive, Highly Conductive Epoxy
  • GGI Flip Chip
  • Stacked Die
  • Thin Die
  • Air Bridges

Wire Bond

The heart of IC assembly is wire bonding. Low loops and high reliable ball bonding is accomplished with the latest in wire bonding equipment.

  • Ball Bond
  • Wedge Bond
  • V/W Bonds
  • Low Loop

Mixed Assembly

Combining a soldering process with our die attach and wire-bonding allows low-cost surface mount passives to be placed inside the air cavity package.

  • SMDs as small as 01005
  • Proprietary Cleaning Ensure Wire Bond Adhesion


Complex recipes of heat, pressure, vacuum, and time ensure a high yielding, high reliable seal on air cavity packages.

  • 100% Gross Leak Test
  • Ceramic, LCP, FR4
  • Very High Yield